So tired of this shit, really.


me before puberty


me after puberty


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Lol yupp, nobody cares. Society just ACTS like they care and put up fake pleasantries; I don’t care for those fake pleasantries. I guess that makes me the “asshole.”

We’ll then, sorry Society that I don’t want to be fake. All those that wanna continue being fake can do what they want, I’ll just do what I want with the people I choose to keep in my life.

"Not a single one of the cells that compose you knows who you are, or cares."
– Daniel Dennett, Sweet Dreams: Philosophical Obstacles to a Science of Consciousness (via stxxz)

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Somehow just so sick of how……happy(?) everyone is. Such an exclusive bunch filled with two-faced people who don’t even give a shit half the time.

Who haves a conversation and tell you “I don’t care about that” when you start a topic that isn’t theirs.

Why do I even bother trying so hard with all these pleasantries with people who don’t even care?

If that’s how you want to do things then so be it. If another relationship is how this one ends then you’re not mature enough to handle growing up and I can’t let you drag me down with you like that.

You people can all live in your own world with your own people.

At the end of the day, I guess it is affecting our relationship huh.

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